Façade Covering

On façades, besides natural stone, metal or glass, decorative fair-faced concrete is the material the world is heading towards. For architecture, it ensures further opportunities in achieving their ideas.

For instance, on the buildings of Laposa Wine Estate in Badacsony, Hungary, imprints of wine branches are depicted. A picture is formed by the arrangement of 38 different panels. This exclusive group of buildings was elected World’s Best Industrial Building in 2010.

On average, the thickness of the highly durable covering plates was 2 to 4 centimetres. The biggest boards were reinforced with internal steel reinforcement of a fibre density prescribed by the design of the carrying structure.

Our fibre-reinforced fine concrete products come in a variety of colours and surface finishes (due to grinding, sand-blasting, etc.). In terms of installation, we use anti-corrosive hidden fixtures.

Besides impregnation, an anti-graffiti protective finishing is also applied. This is included in our product range.