Statues and Relief

Implementation of Works of Art

Well-known artists frequently call us to assist in the installation of outdoor works of art with our sample-making techniques and excellent raw materials. For our co-workers, it has been an unparalleled experience meeting and working with them.

We are ready to satisfy such needs with adequate sensitivity and precision. Generally, we are given a 1:1 scale model, and we deliver the order as our expertise allows. Besides production forms, moulding and retouch, we pay special attention to hidden fixtures, sealing, impregnating and protection against graffiti.

Mounting the work of art on its pedestal sometimes presents a greater challenge than manufacturing the statue itself. This happened, for example, when we were tasked with the placement of 23 statues in front of the new Hungarian National Theatre. We demounted the heavy figures (1-1.5 tons) into components and lightened them by removing their exteriors like crusts.

Later, the body parts had to be reunited with centimetre-level precision, and we executed these tasks in narrow spaces between the stands and the elevation scaffolding.

Please take a look at our references and experience the excitement we felt, watching as the works of art were reassembled to perfection.