Façade Finishes of Fine Concrete

Our fibre-reinforced fine concrete products represent cutting edge technology. According to some basic research, these elements were first put into use only a few decades ago in distinct areas of building and constructing. Since then, they have been applied in ever widening areas. Building decoration offers new opportunities for the use of this excellent raw material, and our company is among the pioneers in this regard. The fine results of countless trials prove the excellence and soundness of this material. We regularly test the formula, strengthening the material’s high-strength structure and frost-resistance.

The physical appearance of the product is similar to that of plaster (gypsum), and it can be ordered in different colours. By continuously developing the originally Austrian manufacturing process, we are able to produce brilliant forms and moulds – from 1.5cm crust thickness to statues of several hundred kilograms.

We hope you will enjoy reading our fascinating catalogue. It shows samples from our latest assignments, products designed for palaces that are hundreds of years old, and the newest building features for different contemporary buildings