We make moulds from historic plaster elements. Paint layers are scraped off and then a wide choice of forms originally prepared with traditional techniques (on-site drawing of sills, moulds of bone glue and so on) become visible and are re-produced. From these original old products, sometimes remnants of hemp, pig or horse hair, or reed appear. These were used as reinforcing materials for the forms.

Today, we use modern materials, but the method is the same. Our forms are reinforced by fibre-plastic or fibre-glass mesh.

When exploring old forms, it is a great joy to find mint master marks. Professionals of past ages left their initials on some of their work, in order to add colour to their sometimes monotonous job. This is how we ascertained that “Q” is the mint master mark of “Kuszalik”.

The attached references reflect how interesting it can be to create a pleasing space with elements repeating the old motifs seen in photos taken at archaeological wall excavations, through reconstruction of the old masters’ masterpieces.